Student’s Reversible Dry Erase Board, 9 X 12 inch, Pre-K

This reversible student’s dry erase board offers Handwriting Tree®’s large letter block on one side for group, mini-lesson practice. This letter block mirrors the larger teacher’s version, encourages correct letter formation, and reduces reversals. This integrated format provides the spatial orientation required to transition quickly to writing on three–lined writing paper. Flip the student’s board over to practice with the Handwriting Tree®’s unique three-line writing templates. With line spacing targeted especially for the beginning writer, the Pre-K student’s board is perfect for letter, word, and sentence practice with spatial color guidelines. Once students progress into kindergarten, students can graduate to practice on the Handwriting Tree®’s Student’s Dry Erase Board with line spacing specifically designed for kindergarten students (SKU#: DB003).

Quantity: One Board