Set of 26 Laminated, 5 by 11 inch, Lower Case Letter Formation Cards With Guides: for Use Alongside ¾” Bendable Letter-Forming Foam

Bethany Bluebird, Onslow Owl, and Griffin Groundhog help you learn to write lower case letters. Each 5 ½ X 11 inch laminated card includes a letter template with cues and arrow guidelines consistent with all other Handwriting Tree® educational products.

These large cards give students a template to bend ¾” letter-forming foam to the shape of the letter. Like the 3/8″ letter-forming foam available from Handwriting Tree®, bending and placing this foam on the letter template gives students the opportunity to build pinch strength, learn letter shapes, help with letter reversals and improve visual motor coupling.

The large-sized cards and letter-forming foam provide a highly engaging activity and are particularly useful for students who are just learning the shapes of lower case letters.

Quantity: Set of 26 laminated cards