Lower Case Reverse Chalkboard With Mounting Pins for Handwriting Tree®

Unlike all other chalkboards, the Handwriting Tree® reverse chalkboard allows children to write with dark-colored chalk on a light-colored surface. This surface, also contains Handwriting Tree®’s unique “green for go” and “red for stop” writing guidelines, along with the gray writing surface for “groundhogger” letters (lower case g, j, p, q, y), which is consistent with all other components of the program. This chalkboard trains letter formation for all lower case letters.

Writing on a surface such as a chalkboard is well known to give input through the hand to help send proprioceptive signals between the hand and the child’s developing brain, thereby locking in learning of letter formation and helping to develop the cerebral cortex.

This chalkboard meets the needs of all children, but in particular, has been specially designed to meet the needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), who may have a challenge transitioning from learning on a dark-colored chalkboard with white chalk to writing with a pencil on white paper. This unique, patented chalkboard fits easily into the Handwriting Tree spatial device to reinforce starting and stopping points for letter formation.

Quantity: One