A key tool in the Handwriting Tree® this 62-page, full color, workbook has the instructional aids you need to engage children in learning to write lower case letters. The workbook contains all of the guidelines, colors, and engaging characters that are consistent with the rest of the Handwriting Tree® materials.

Lower case letters are divided into fun categories based in the Handwriting Tree® characters. “Tree Toppers, Middle Fiddlers, and Groundhoggers” help the student understand where letters begin based on Bethany Bluebird, Onslow Owl, Griffin Groundhog live in the Handwriting Tree®.

Pages for each lower case letter include a recreation, in print, of the letter outline containing cues and arrow directional guides in context of the Handwriting Tree spatial guide. This page creates a smooth transition from the lower case reverse chalkboard/lower case letter cards to writing on paper. The next page for each letter is a copy of the Handwriting Tree®’s “transition to kindergarten” paper.

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