Set of 26 Laminated Upper Case Letter Formation Cards With Guides (Item#: LC001)

Bethany BluebirdTM helps you learn to write upper case letters using these colorful, patented cards. Each card fits neatly into the Handwriting Tree® Upper Case Reverse Chalkboard or can be used separately by placing the card on a table or any surface.

The 26, 3 X 5 inch, cards contain colorful spatial cues and arrow diagrams that help children learn the proper sequence to form each letter. These cards also contain Handwriting Tree®’s unique “green for go” and “red for stop” writing guidelines.

The cards have been laminated to give a sturdy, waterproof surface. They can be used with a reversible glue dispenser (available on this website) along with the Handwriting Tree®’s 3/8” letter forming foam. Bending and placing this foam on the letter template gives students the opportunity to build pinch strength, learn letter shapes, and improve visual motor coupling.

Quantity: Set of 26 laminated cards