Set of 26 Laminated Lower Case Letter Formation Cards With Guides (Item#: LC002)

Product Description: Bethany BluebirdTM, Onslow OwlTM, and Griffin GroundhogTM help you learn to write lower case letters using these colorful, patented cards. Each card fits neatly into the Handwriting Tree® Lower Case Reverse Chalkboard or can be used separately by placing the card on a table or any surface.

The 26, 3 X 7 inch, cards contain colorful spatial cues and arrow diagrams that help children learn the proper sequence to form each letter. These cards also contain Handwriting Tree®’s unique “green for go” and “red for stop” writing guidelines, along with the gray writing surface for “groundhogger” letters (lower case g, j, p, q, y), which is consistent with all other components of the program.

The cards have been laminated to give a sturdy, water resistant surface. They can be used with a reversible glue dispenser (available on this website) along with the Handwriting Tree®’s 3/8” letter forming foam. Bending and placing this foam on the letter template gives students the opportunity to build pinch strength, learn letter shapes, and improve visual motor coupling.

We found using the small foam is sometimes challenging due to the complexity of the lower case letters and have larger cards available for this (see item below). These cards however can be an invaluable teaching tool by allowing the student an opportunity to trace inside the tree using dry erase crayons, finger, wipe off markers, and the tape dispenser for added sensory input!

Quantity: Set of 26 laminated cards

Price: $19.95 per set