As flagship of the program, the Handwriting Tree® Instruction Kit includes everything you need to teach letter formation! This kit is packed with fun and engaging elements that are only available from the Handwriting Tree®. Our handwriting instruction kit is great for all students learning to write and has also been specifically designed to meet the needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Each element of the kit has been included based successes built over 20 years of handwriting instruction, combined with evidence-based approaches demonstrated to be effective through educational research.

Each Handwriting Tree® kit includes the following instructional tools (also sold separately)

  • 1 Handwriting Tree® messenger bag with compartments for kit components
  • 1 Handwriting Tree spatial guide with mounting holes for upper and lower case reverse chalkboards
  • 1 Upper case reverse chalkboard
  • 1 Lower case reverse chalkboard
  • 1 Box (8 sticks), black chalk
  • 26 Upper case, laminated letter formation cards
  • 26 Lower case, laminated letter formation cards
  • 1 reversible glue tape dispenser
  • 1 Set of 20 count, 3/8” diameter upper case letter forming foams
  • 26 Lower case, extra large, laminated letter formation cards
  • 1 Set of three, bendable, ¾” diameter, letter-forming foams
  • 1 Upper case workbook
  • 1 Lower case workbook
  • Practice sheets:
    • Blank upper case writing templates; fits into Upper Case Reverse Chalkboard (50-Sheet pad)
    • Guide Stickers: Bethany Bluebird™, Onslow Owl™, and Griffin Groundhog™ (3/8 inch diameter), 50 each character sticker
    • 18-block upper case blank templates (25 sheets)
    • 26-letter upper case (3 styles-25 each)
    • Blank Lower Case Writing Templates: fits into Lower Case Reverse Chalkboard (50-Sheet pad)
    • 26-letter lower case (3 styles-25 each)
    • Raised line kindergarten transition paper (Count 25)
    • 1st grade, three-lined transition paper (Count 25)
    • Transition paper, standard wide-ruled (Count 25)
  • One set of four Handwriting Tree® character spatial-marking tiles (Bethany, Onslow Owl, and Griffin Groundhog (above and below ground))
  • 1 Set of instructions including “Handwriting Unpacked Quickstart Guide”

Quantity: One kit, including bag